Like clay on the potter’s wheel

I visited a family friend’s ward today, where she performed in the Christmas musical program. I noticed the choir conductor had one of the choir members (quite inconveniently) reaching around from behind the stand to turn the music pages… “That seems like a strange and lazy thing to ask of someone,” I thought. I later found out that the choir conductor had had a brain tumor and several brain surgeries! and had lost the use of her left arm… Wow, I could see why she’d need help turning pages!

My HWN today was this reminder not to be judgmental… especially with such limited knowledge of a situation! And situations like this can help shape me, as described in this quote I listened to from the most recent general conference today:

Brothers and sisters, like the clay on the potter’s wheel, our lives must be centered with exactness in Christ if we are to find true joy and peace in this life. (Richard J. Maynes)

Like the clay on the potter's wheel

Also, I said goodbye to my roommate Matt today — he graduated and moved back home to Idaho. He’s been an awesome roommate for the past four months, and I’m excited for the great things he accomplishes!


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