Byproduct of a healthy life

I read an article today from the March 1989 Ensign, To My Single Friends by Elder John K. Carmack. I know many of you are thinking,”That’s quite a long time ago… was Zach even alive when this was written?” I was. One and a half years old, thank you very much!

I wrote a couple posts about dating recently (Thursday and Friday last week), and as you might guess, the topic is on my mind often. In this context, these pieces of advice Elder Carmack were my HWN today:

“…while temple marriage and family life would be my ultimate goal, whether in this life or beyond, I would be careful not to make it my central focus. Marriage is more likely to come naturally, from living life fully, than by a direct and pointed campaign to achieve that long-range goal.”

“Don’t focus solely on your primary goal of temple marriage, but let that opportunity come as a byproduct of a healthy, balanced life. Be involved in good works, in education, in personal development. Build healthy self-esteem. Contribute in the lives of others.”

The Spirit confirmed to me that I can improve in living life fully, and I already found these principles helpful in my one day of application :) In particular, it helps alleviate some guilt for which I hadn’t yet identified the source — I’m glad to make other healthy pursuits a priority as well, without feeling like I’m giving up or being irresponsible!


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