Return speedily… to dating?

I related to Alma this morning, as I read how he left the city of Ammonihah where he had been rejected:

“He was journeying…being weighed down with sorrow, wading through much tribulation and anguish of soul…” (Alma 8:14)

This stuck out to me in the context of how I felt rejected last night, having been turned down for a date. I gathered meaning from the following verses as well. An angel appeared to Alma and said:

“Blessed art thou, Alma; therefore, lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice…” (Alma 8:15)

This seemed like strange comfort to me, as it may have to Alma as well — after having been rejected, he was invited to rejoice! And then given a commandment…

And behold, I am sent to command thee that thou return to the city of Ammonihah, and preach again unto the people of the city… (Alma 8:16)

To return to the city that caused him to be “weighed down with sorrow” and wade “through much tribulation!” For me, this would be a commandment to return to dating… which has caused me much sorrow and tribulation. And now, Alma’s response:

“After Alma had received his message from the angel of the Lord he returned speedily to the land of Ammonihah.” (Alma 8:18)


Apparently I should return speedily to dating… :/

The first thing that happened to Alma in Ammonihah is meeting Amulek, who became his missionary companion. Now, I can interpret this as the next thing that will happen to me is meeting my eternal companion, right? 😆

I may have become to cynical to extend the metaphor that far, but you can hope that for me if you’d like ;) My HWN takeaway is encouragement to continue dating.

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