Navigating turbulence

I heard HWN today in a discussion with my home teachees of how we can focus on an eternal perspective in times of turbulence. We read from Pres. Uchtdorf’s first presidency message:

The more we obsess about our difficulties, our struggles, our doubts, and our fears, the more difficult things can become. But the more we focus on our final heavenly destination and on the joys of following the disciple’s path—loving God, serving our neighbor—the more likely we are to successfully navigate through times of trouble and turbulence.

He shared an analogy of a pilot choosing to focus on the the runway/destination vs. the turbulence, and ended with his testimony:

Dear friends, no matter how violently the winds of our mortal existence howl around us, the gospel of Jesus Christ will always offer the best path to a safe landing in our Heavenly Father’s kingdom.

There is power to our perspective! Although it most often can’t directly change circumstances, it can change outcomes :)

Best Path to a Safe Landing

p.s. My coworker gave me a kind thank you note and jar of assorted nuts today! Very thoughtful of her :)



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