Grandpa DeMar’s testimony

We had a wonderful family dinner at my aunt’s house tonight :) We took time for everyone to share testimonies of something they learned from church today. I recorded some of the things my grandpa shared (my HWN today):

I missed the beginning of this clip, but my Grandpa shared how much he loves sporting events, except for the fact that there has to be a losing team, followed by… the contrast that nobody will ever lose on Christ’s team:

Later he shared a parable of geese helping each other, and his testimony of prayer:

Next he testified of the fact that we will all face Christ:

He also shared his testimony of the importance of following the Holy Ghost — unfortunately through an example of a time he didn’t follow the Holy Ghost:

I really slaked on pictures today, and didn’t take any! but here’s a picture of me with grandpa from last Summer :)

Grandpa and I :)
Grandpa and I :)

p.s. Also, here’s the story of how he met my grandma (shared last night) :) And how she was in fact the one to propose…

p.p.s. To follow up on yesterday — my landlord drove down late last night, and we found out my bedroom door lock was actually broken. He had to drill into the door handle to open it. His drill bit broke :/ But I got in :) I’ll be getting the handle replaced in a couple days.


3 thoughts on “Grandpa DeMar’s testimony

  1. As I read your post, I thought it was nice. Then I listened to your grandfather and realized there was some real substance in what he said. I really enjoyed listening to your Grandfather’s stories–thank you for sharing.

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