Prayer, and the missing key(s)

I locked my bedroom door for the first time, and came home to find out that my bedroom key doesn’t work. I checked with my roommate, Nathan, to see if our keys were switched somehow… and he realized that his key was missing. I contacted my landlord, and he told me where I should be able to find a spare key hidden in the apartment, but that turend out to be missing also :/ Nathan, Ethan, and I knelt to say a prayer. After the prayer, my key still didn’t work :( however, I went outside to see if I had by chance left my window open… No luck, but while Nathan was opening his blinds to help me locate my window from the outside, he found his key! “That’s the power of prayer,” he said :) Now, there are still the mysteries of my not-working key and the missing spare keys (and my landlord is driving down from Ogden to help out…long drive on a late night), and I heard HWN today through this answered prayer!


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