True friends

My sister Emily drove me to my surgery (gingival augmentation, a.k.a. gum graft) this morning, Mikayla picked me up and helped me order prescriptions, and Cait drove me to fill my prescriptions and spent the next few hours making sure I didn’t do anything crazy :) My memory is pretty blurry for a lot of it, but I’m told that even in my filterless daze (from the anesthesia) I was mostly coherent. It’s crazy to remember feeling so in control, but looking back and recognizing how out of control I was… Thank goodness for my sister and true friends! And almost exactly one year ago, Cait and Mikayla did the same thing for me (click here)! :)

I heard HWN today in my friends’ sacrifice and service :)

Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos, but I like to include a picture in every post, so here’s a cheesy photo about friendship from pixabay (royalty free images).



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