Pleading with the Lord

My bishop recently counselled me to “plead” with the Lord in my prayers. I’ve pondered what that means. As I read the Enos this morning, I felt impressed (my HWN today) that “pleading” with the Lord has as much to do with my life outside of prayer as it does with my time spent in prayer. I want to plead with the Lord inside and outside of my prayers!

God responds to

p.s. my day 4 in Montreal… :)

Why is it that something so commonplace in my hometown can seem so fascinating in a foreign country? Much of what we visited today were similar to things I could find back home in California or Utah as well… Why don’t I cherish them there too?

In the morning, we visited the Jean-Talon Market, a farmer’s market here in Montreal.

There were some cute children visiting :) Montreal kindergartners know how to stay in line!

We saw a couple more churches on the way to the market…

Next we took a walk along the Montreal Port and St. Paul Street (oldest street in Montreal — 1672)

It rained on us, so we took advantage of our hop-on-hop-off pass, and dried off in the bus while driving around Montreal :)

I love the autumn colors here!


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