Montreal, Day 3!

We started out today with a Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour of Montreal :) Here are some of my pics and video…

Then we hiked Mont Royal, and enjoyed the nature and awesome views…

For lunch we had Poutine and Steamed Hot Dogs (we were told these are must-haves in Montreal). We weren’t blown away, but no regrets for our order (even though our bus driver said anyone recommending steamed hot dogs over the many other options needed a lobotomy)!

After lunch, we headed back over to one of our favorite places, the Notre-Dame Basilica, and this time went inside (Felt weird yesterday about paying to enter a church on Sunday)! I heard HWN today as I felt close to God, praying and pondering in a building that has been used for worship for centuries!

We walked by the Olympic Park…

…on the way to Montreal’s Botanical Gardens, we visited the Chinese Garden and light show :)

We ended the day with the Insectorium — both fascinating and traumatizing!

And finally, dinner! Sadly, my friends ordered the French Onion Soup and Crème brûlée, and were disappointed. We expected those would have been safe bets here!

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