Shared excitement

I saw Bridge of Spies tonight with my brother Danny. Pretty good movie to one with a social-worker heart, and powerful story :)

One phrase that stuck out to me a few times throughout the movie was “Would it help?” Rudolf Abel (accused Russian spy, POW) was asked three times if he was nervous/why he wasn’t nervous, and each time when his life was on the line. His response was always the same: “Would it help?” Good advice! I’m not sure it ever does…

I heard HWN today after the movie though chatting with my brother about my upcoming trip to New York. I get to go as part of a business trip, and that’s where he served his mission! His excitement and love for the area was fun for me to see :)

I didn’t take a picture with Danny tonight, but I always like to share at least one, so here’s a GIF of two old family photos. (One of us…cough…Matt…cough… farted right before the pictures were taken. And I was the only one who maintained eye contact!)


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