Super Saturday!

Lots of amazing things happened today… Pictures speak a thousand words, and though we didn’t catch everything on camera, this post will be speaking quite a bit!

I got to play soccer with some wonderful friends from my old ward this morning, and in the afternoon Paul spent several hours working on his debut song. I got to visit him for part of the time :)

I met my friend Heston for lunch, and we had an uplifting conversation about recognizing personal revelation.  Later this evening I went to Trafalga with my now-local siblings! Laser tag was closed, so we did a lot of mini golf :)

Jen, Jere, Danny, and I wanted to end with a quick stop to The Malt Shoppe (which ended up taking about an hour — check out the line of receipts!)

So hungry!

Lastly, Mikayla, Elena, and Cait came to visit me in my new apartment, and got to meet my roommate Matt. All this was a great way to spend my Saturday :)

I heard HWN today through comradery with my friends and family :)

p.s. sometimes my camera creates pretty funny GIFs…


Crazy legs Jenny

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