Surprised by service

A lot of things in this world, and in the society I live in make me sad…

Inasmuch as ye did it not

This week though, I heard HWN twice through service that surprised me. On Tuesday, after grabbing a sandwich at a deli, I gave the remaining half to a nearby gentleman asking for money. I asked if he was hungry, and he said, “Starving!” I encouraged him to eat it soon, “It’s still warm, and tastes delicious!” The gentleman explained how he was helping a lady who “doesn’t know how to be homeless.” It was her first time on the streets, and she wasn’t doing well. He pointed to her across the street, where she sat on a bench with her sign on the floor — she had given up. As I drove away, I noticed the lady eating the sandwich. The gentleman had brought it to her after having set down his own sign and crossed the street.

On Friday, I shopped for groceries at Winco and made it to the front of the checkout line before realizing that they don’t take credit! I didn’t have my debit card on me, nor did I have enough cash. A young couple bagging their groceries in front of me overheard my discussion with the cashier, and the guy came up and said, “Don’t worry, I got it!” He swiped his debit card, and paid for my $16 of groceries.

What kind strangers, right?! Examples like this help restore my faith in humanity!


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