Testimony on the Train

I thought it was done snowing! I had bumper-to-bumper snow traffic for part of my morning commute :(

snow, rain, traffic

After work, I went with Danny, Nathan, and Jessie to the Vivint Smart Home Arena for Kobe Bryant’s last game in Salt Lake! Unfortunately, this game wasn’t only historic for that reason… They also had tied their worst loss in Lakers’ history :(

Jazz v Lakers

The arena prepared a tribute for Kobe at the beginning of the game though :)

And even though Rodney Hood scored 30 points for the Jazz in the first half (making 7 of 8 of his first 3-pointers), it was still Kobe whose name was chanted several times throughout the game and who got two standing ovations (only scoring 5 points)!

Lakers at Jazz

We took the train home, and I heard HWN today listening to Darren — a guy we met on the train — share his testimony of God and the Savior, even in the context of his decades-long habit of substance abuse.

p.s. I forgot to post this picture yesterday — Paul and I got a free pen with our business name on it :)

PZ Records Pen


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