Two voices

I heard HWN today in a voice of hope :)

I went on an early evening walk in the beautiful Spring weather, and pondered my present feelings. I noticed two internal voices — one full of “too” (Your too old), “should” (You should be married by now), and “as” or “than” (You’re not as attractive as…). On the other hand, I heard a voice of hope (God is in control, and He wants me to reach the greatest happiness possible, even more than I want me too :).


Fortunately, both voices help me turn towards God — one out of fear, and one out of faith. I’m feeding the faithful voice and allowing the fearful voice to fade :)

p.s. Jenny sang Blessed be His Name in her Sacrament meeting today :) Beautiful voice and beautiful song.


p.p.s. I enjoyed a fun Easter egg hunt at my Aunt Vickie’s house today, and got a sweet Easter package from my parents — who I appreciate knowing that I don’t eat candy :)

Easter package

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