Wanting to be, and trying to stay

My HWN today was another reminder from C.S. Lewis, in The Last Battle. When Tirian, the current king, meets the past kings and queens of Narnia in Aslan’s country, he notices one missing. He asks about Queen Susan, to which Peter responds, she “is no longer a friend of Narnia.” They explain that she no longer believes, referring to Narnia as “those funny games we used to play when we were children,” and that she is “interested in nothing nowadays except nylons and lipstick and invitations.”

The description that intrigued me most was from Polly:

“Grown-up, indeed,” said the Lady Polly. “I wish she would grow up. She wasted all her school time wanting to be the age she is now, and she’ll waste all the rest of her life trying to stay that age. Her whole idea is to race on to the silliest time of one’s life as quick as she can and then stop there as long as she can.”

This excerpt reminds me to recognize and experience the present. The present is an easy thing to lose track of, and unfortunately I probably spend much of my day-to-day focusing on the past or future or on autopilot — it’s so easy to fall into! But I enjoy the times I remember to be mindful and embrace the now I have :)

Truly Learn to Live


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