Weekend highlights

Okay, I’m finally posting my video and picture recap of the weekend… Ready. Set. Enjoy!

After my conference on Thursday, I visited Tesla Motors in Salt Lake (sweet cars!) and then went to the public library (beautiful building!) where I wrote my post on ethics and morality. And I got to spend the night with my friends Graden and Kaylen, catching up after a while :)

Yesterday evening I crashed my old ward’s party, and had tons of fun :) Here are some pics, and several videos (Pizza Box Bowling is my favorite :) And who knew Brother Mecham was a skater!?!

Life-Size Hungry Hungry Hippos


Pizza Box Jousting


Pizza Box Bowling


Skateboard Cleaning


Today I got to volunteer in the Provo City Center temple in the morning, and help direct traffic in the crazy long lines! So many people!!!
Provo City Center Temple

And then got a late lunch at Mooyah with my siblings, and we went to the BYU – Gonzaga game. The refs stole the game from us in the end :( But still an intense game!!!

Pole-Vault Diving Dunk (slow-mo)

Wow… that was a lot of work, video and photo editing, and formatting this post. Thanks for reading!!!

I heard HWN today through being able to reflect on a fun weekend! :)

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