Baby steps

I’ve mentioned my fears of commitment, hurting people, and emotional vulnerability. Tonight I took some small steps forward as I spoke with my friend ReyLynn and chose to be vulnerable about my fears. She assured me it wasn’t a burden, but I’m grateful for her taking an hour to listen to my story!

I heard HWN today in her willingness to help bear my burdens :)

p.s. here’s some documentation of today’s fun adventures…

Lunch at Rumbi’s, dessert at Rita’s, and fishing to celebrate Matt’s birthday (I kept up my streak of no catches, but I got some bites, and it was relaxing)

The weather looked promising for Mike’s birthday at Kiwanis, however…

Dallin and I got to help our home teachee move a TV, and she baked us cookies! :) Thanks Abby!

A dozen chocolate chip cookies
A dozen chocolate chip cookies

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