Dear Valentine

Dear Valentine

I wish you could always see yourself as I see you right now.

I love when you tell stories, even though you think you’re boring. I love when you dance, even though you feel awkward. I love when you sing, even though you notice mostly the wrong notes and lyrics. I love when you dream fantastic dreams! And when you’re brave enough to realize them, even though the prospects seem small.

I wish you could always feel what I feel for you right now.

That you’re enough. That your value is infinite and unchanging. That you’re beautiful and inspiring, attractive and desirable. That nothing you ever do can make me think less of you! Even and especially when you feel you don’t deserve it.

I wish you could always know what I know right now.

That your future is radiant. That I dedicated my life to that future and to making you happy, because you’re worth it. That I’ll cheer you up when you’re down, celebrate when you win, and cry when you cry.

That my love for you will never change. Because it’s a gift… not something you can ever earn or lose, but something I choose to give. And I’ll never stop giving. Because my love for you is not only my own, but contains a part of God’s love for you as well.

Sometimes these wishes come true… and that’s when your beauty is the brightest! I think they’re true right now :) You see what I see, feel what I feel, and know what I know.

And the only thing that makes me happier is hearing you say the same things to me :)


So who’s my valentine?

It’s me.

Just me :)

I look forward to when it’s someone else. That’s probably one of my biggest dreams! In the meantime, I’ll practice by loving myself… and know that in the future I’ll have more love to give because of it :)

My HWN this week was the choice to see good in me :) …and somehow to allow myself to see a little more of what Heavenly Father sees in me.

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