Family, friends, fun and… newborn goats?

After spending the morning as an extra in a music video, I visited my cousin, Carey, and her kids.   I loved seeing my first-cousins-once-removed (that’s a mouthful) and their newborn goats — less than 24 hours old, and already slipping around on the hardwood floor!  You may not usually say “goat” and “cute” in the same sentence, but these pictures might change your mind :)

Later I hiked up Rock Canyon with my friend McKay, attended an awesome BYU Rugby game where a mystery man let me and my friends in for free (can anyone identify an older gentleman who has power to bypass the ticket booth?  We never thanked him, and he snuck off before we knew what was going on!), and then we had pie for Pi Day and watched an old Carey Grant movie :)  Definitely a full and fun day!

I heard heaven’s white noise today through the purity of newborns, innocence of youth, beauty of nature, and fun with friends :)

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